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Fifth Avenue

About Us

Current line up since June 2013:

Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals

Pete Billings  Drums

Adrian Smith  Keyboards (+ Fan Club)

Tony Ellis  Bass, Vocals


Formed in November 1993 out of members from rival bands "Nostalgia" and "Tonic". Original line up was:

Steve Makin    - Lead Vocals

Paul Cara        - Lead Guitar, Vocals

Alan Langham- Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Peter White   - Drums

Tony White    - Keyboards, Vocals

Tony Ellis      - Bass, Vocals

Changes since 1993:

Frank Gibbins replaced Peter on drums April 1994.

Tony White leaves to pursue other musical styles August 1994.

Tony Fry and Tony Langford replaced Alan and Paul December 1995.

Dave Lowin replaced Steve December 1996.

Adrian Smith joins on keyboards November 2000.

Pete Boughton replaced Frank September 2003.

Jeff Maxted replaced Tony Fry on lead guitar December 2004.

Paul Nicholls replaced Pete Boughton on drums February 2005.

Pete Billings replaced Paul Nicholls on drums April 2006.

John Hinkley replaced Dave Lowin January 2011

Tony Langford leaves as a result of progressive health problems June 2013

John Hinkley   

Jeff Maxted     

Pete Billings     

Adrian Smith   

Tony Ellis          

Lead Vocals

Lead Guitar

Drums, Vocals


Bass, Vocals