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Zoom Arts Community

Zoom Arts works for the artist and the community. By providing spaces in busy, vibrant locations for members to exhibit their own work, either solo or as a collaboration, the group enables the member artist to benefit experientially whilst presenting an informal, approachable gateway for members of the public to access and engage with the visual arts. Offering inclusion in a peer group for sharing.

Primarily, a self-funding, self-managing diverse collective of practices from creative people, this small charity is directed by a board of trustees who chair monthly meetings which are open for all members to contribute too. At the meetings, we manage group admin, work on the diary and generating new ideas. The activities of the group are financed through fundraising and from a small monthly membership fee which is the only fee collected by the group – exhibitions are included.

As well as exhibitions, members of the group are regularly present at community cause events, raising the profile of both the group and the cause being promoted.

Zoom Arts is a Hastings based Arts Group who collectively exhibit their work in local venues.