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Read KOVE's report by John Miles about our street environment work in context of wellbeing and social isolation.


Golden Gazette Kilburn Debates Accessible streets -


For Your Convenience – Guide to toilet facilities available for customers in Kilburn High Road (2007)




Getting Around & Safer Road Crossings - Report of Findings & Recommendations. (June 2008)


Get Out and About Safely Road Safety For Older People – leaflet with tips on good road safety and information on different road crossings. (2009)


Kilburn Debates article (2009) John Miles (Click here to read the article)  




Older Voices – Getting around Kilburn High Road. Older people show us what it is like getting around a busy high street with disabilities including: hearing loss, stroke, visual impairment and dementia (2013)

The Five Ways to Wellbeing. KOVE with clinical psychologist, Jane Brett Jones explore how older people keep in good spirits through social connections, activities, keep learning, giving time and volunteering, taking notice of nice things around you. Promoting good mental health, the film shows activities and older people say what keeps them going. (2012).

Where's The Green Man A short, silent, comic film showing how the Puffin road crossings work when the green man isn't where you think he should be! (2012)

Journey To A Friend Journeys across Camden using public transport - buses, overground, underground, walking, electric wheelchair and car. Meeting up at the end of each journey members recorded their experience on maps, and used a table loom to weave a collective piece of fabric showing the interesting and poor parts of their trips. (2012)

Eight films available to see on You Tube- Journey To A Friend.


Safer Streets … please!  Campaigning piece made by Camden Older Peoples Steering group in association with KOVE about the barriers and obstacles in people getting around streets - dodgy pavements, road repair debris, pot holes, overhanging bushes, dangerous road crossings etc. (2011)

Living Seats:  KOVE’s community action film with Acting Up Multimedia

KOVE’s campaign has opened up a good debate about seating. Living Seats film covers the campaign, installation of the first bench and local residents feedback – young and old. Our launch event which was filmed by older volunteers was also covered by the local press with their photographer attending:  “Pensioners are at last sitting pretty.” This has also served to raise the profile of community seating and encourage a renewed sense of ownership and pride in the area. (2010)


Keeping Safer – older people tacking the fear of crime.  This film features the voices of local older people - sharing their concerns about crime but also giving their own tips about being vigil, tackling bogus callers and keeping safe. Fear of crime can lead to some older people becoming isolated in their homes. It is hoped that this initiative will help to build the confidence of vulnerable older people and help people to keep safer. (2009)


Home Care & Us following KOVE’s first home care film, this piece shows service users and home care workers talking about the care that is needed and how they work together. Jill and Jack also describe how good home care assists them in caring for their relatives. This film has also been central in helping to recruit home care staff, raising awareness of care needs, training and supervision sessions. (2008)


Getting Around & Safer Road Crossings – KOVE and Sure Start show the difficulties that some people have in using green man road crossings due to the shortage of time allowed on some crossings. KOVE members filmed older people in Kilburn area. The film has been used in conjunction with KOVE – Sure Start survey, report and campaign for positive change. (2008)


Partnerships For Better Home Care – Training Materials. Film made by KOVE involving home care service users describing their experience of receiving personal care and what for them are considered good care standards. This also includes Margery’s World in which Margery describes her day to day life, how she keeps independent. This film has been successfully used by home care providers for training their staff. (2007)





Copyright of all DVDs are KOVE/Acting Up Multimedia. We welcome enquiries from individuals, groups and organisations about showing these films or obtaining copies. Please contact our coordinator Mel Wright.

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