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Kilburn Irish Pensioners Group on KOVE walk


KOVE was established in 2001 and is a registered Charity. No 1137417. We are an independent, constituted community group for older people in Kilburn & West Hampstead area. KOVE operates as a network with other local groups. Our programme of work derives from concerns and suggestions that older people raise. We have a community partnership approach by working with different agencies, including the Kingsgate Resource Centre engaging them in joint project work to try and improve service delivery with the participation of older people and service users. Our outreach work involves continuous contact with local groups and the general public. We concentrate particularly on making films with local people. Nationally we maintain a working link with the British  Society of Gerontology, the IDGO network and the UK Urban Ageing Consortium amongst others. 

Annual Report 2015-2016



 Kilburn High Road KOVE & Team Challenge on Kilburn High Road


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