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Henna Asian Women’s Group was formed in 1982, it was set up over 35 years ago by Asian women migrating from India, Pakistan and East Africa with the intention to bring people together regardless of their different backgrounds.  We can proudly say we have been able to build on this by offering services which integrate people allowing them to build strong relationships in the community. We are based at the Abbey Community Centre which is a safe place for the women to meet and for them to come to a place for years giving them a sense of belonging to a community. Here we offer a range of multi-lingual services and activities. We encourage Asian women to participate in the diverse services we have on offer and also encourage them to participate in the services offered by our Partners. Through this involvement women who may otherwise be socially isolated are given the opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals with whom they may share certain customs, values and attributes.  Henna Asian Women’s Groups is a user-led organisation who aims to improve the overall well-being of women and their families by increasing social interaction; improving health; and develop and maintain more independence to overcome deprivation and isolation.

Our primary members are predominantly women from Asia which consists of 42 Countries, and we provide services in South Asian languages which consists of 8 Countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and East Africa (of Asian descent).  While our core emphasis is Asian women, due to us being a small team we are only able to offer certain services in South Asian language only.  Our services and activities are open to all women regardless of their background allowing us to be cohesive and inclusive.  Henna's unique selling point is continued success in overcoming cultural and linguistic barriers and building independence. 


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If you would like more information, please take your time to read some of the services and activities we provide.  For more up to date information, please contact us at the office either by email info@hennaorg.co.uk or by telephone on 020 7372 9860



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