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Our beneficiaries have stated that they would like to have healthy cooking classes that would help them understand how they can maintain eating their food from their countries but on a healthier scale. Henna is providing our beneficiaries with monthly healthy eating cooking sessions. These sessions provide knowledge on how to cook healthier dishes and understand the food and ingredients that go into Asian cooking.

The effect this has on all our service users goes a long way. The education and knowledge they receive in these monthly sessions take effect on their families and other people around them.

Overall, this could change the way our service users cook and the way their culture has taught them to make their food. This will make a key change for other South Asian generations to come. If a difference could be made now to eating and cooking habits this will have a positive outcome on the South Asian community based within North London.

The target group are 50+ year old women from different ethnic/religious backgrounds. In addition, a significant proportion of them care for their spouses who have been diagnosed with cardiovascular and other health conditions. These ladies cook and care for them. Also a majority of service users suffer from Diabetes and High Cholesterol. These cooking sessions make a difference in the way our service users cook which will hopefully make a major difference to their health and their family’s health.




The Healthy Cooking Club will not:


Give out tailored nutritional advice to individuals – such queries should be referred on to a qualified health professional, such as your GP.


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