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Henna’s Befriending Service


Who? Older Asian ladies who live alone or are housebound. 

We currently support Urdu, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi and Hindi language speakers.

How? Henna workers will pay regular weekly visits to you.

One to One part of the service allows us to meet with ladies and talk to them in the comfort of their home.

Telephone Befriending Service: calls will last between 15 and 20 minutes each week. This service allows us to reach out to people where in-person befriending service may not be possible.


Our goal is to act as a bridge between you and services that can benefit your day to day life. We will refer you to other organisations, if we cannot directly assist you such as specialist medical services.

Befriending service does not include shopping, cooking, cleaning your home or bathing/changing you or your family members.

For further information please take a look at our Befriending Leaflet and Poster


Some case studies highlighting the difference the Befriending service has made:

 “Mrs V has gained confidence which has made her take a major step to leave for America to visit her daughter. This is a good outcome to state that the Befriending service has helped Mrs V in a major way, due to her paranoia taking over her life and making her feel afraid of the life outside her front door.

Mrs V needs to be around a happy and positive environment, as she can get depressed very quickly and it’s very hard to put her back in a positive mood. There were days where Mrs V was staying in bed and not even coming downstairs, now she walks to her local shops and talks to the owners as she knows them”.

“Mrs H has developed an new sense of confidence  that has helped her deal with her personal circumstances at home which involve her in developing her life and getting more out & about. She has clearly shown signs of the Befriending service helping her out, as since the service has come to an end she is still a regular memebr for the Yoga classes and is still a very pro-active member within Henna.

The service has helped Mrs H in a major way from accessing the G.P. constantly to her now using other complimentary therapies to help her control her condition and see results. This has resulted her in being more active and not constantly in pain. This has had a major affect on her social life as she is more happy and more willing to get involve in a group rather than always being on the side lines”.



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