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People’s Health Trust is funded through 51 society lotteries, each designed to raise money to address health inequalities in a separate part of England, Scotland and Wales. The society lotteries operate through The Health Lottery.

Each society lottery donates its good cause money to People’s Health Trust. The money is restricted for spending in specific areas of Great Britain.

People’s Health Trust believes in a society without health inequalities. This organisation works to ensure that where you live does not unfairly reduce the length of your life, or the quality of your health.

People’s Health Trust do this by investing in people with great ideas to create fairer places to grow, live, work and age. This organisation believes in funding ideas which are small and local and are genuinely designed and led by local people. People’s Health Trust targets their funds in neighbourhoods which are the greatest to be affected by health inequalities.

People who live in poorer neighbourhoods die, on average, seven years younger and spend 17 years more with a disability, than people from more affluent neighbourhoods.

People’s Health Trust has funded Henna Asian Women’s Group to provide a new project called ‘We Belong Here’. This project welcomes residents that reside in the following estates and streets that are located close to these estates:

·       Abbey Estate

·       Mortimer Crescent

·       Dorman Way

·       Specific part of Belsize Rd (Please check with Raf for eligibility)

·       Specific part of Abbey Rd (Please check with Raf for eligibility)

People’s Health Trust believe that the people that reside within these estates have many health inequalities – to determine a better lifestyle this project has been funded. We believe that people that reside in these estates have lack of communication with the outside world. They are restricted in going out and communicating with other like-minded individuals. We want to provide this project for these people as it would help them derive relationships and make friends. It will help in reducing isolation and make them feel that they belong somewhere. This project is on-going for the next two years beginning 2014. We will be providing weekly Arts & Crafts sessions alongside fortnightly massage and meditation classes. If you feel you are within the specific streets or estates quoted please contact Raf for further information. 



Statistics: Site Updated from Henna5 on 19/4/2012

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