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Pre Entry Level ESOL

London Borough of Camden - BRIDGING Project

Our aim is to help isolated and vulnerable women learn new skills (ESOL, IT) and build confidence so that they continue to enjoy independence and quality of life. 

We feel that the welfare of women can be better served by creating suitable traditional and non-traditional activities so that we can all share and enjoy activities in an inclusive fashion

Our key target is to the identify women in need from London borough of Camden and offer them Pre Entry Level ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) classes free of cost for 30 weeks, starting from 18th Sep 2014, Thursday 12:30 pm to 2:30pm. It is open for women of any age group. This project focuses on Basic English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

This project will give you an opportunity to become independent. It will make day to day tasks such as doctorís appointment, shopping, travelling, filling forms, helping children with studies very easy for you. In future you can enrol to other courses such as numeracy, Entry Level 1 ESOL.

We also want to target isolated women thatís why our classes are structured in a friendly way, keeping in mind the requirement of women from different backgrounds, apart from learning they will make friends and socialise. We will also provide one to one support if required by the individual student. We will target individual needs and try to support each of our students. There will be one tutor and one support officer for help. We will provide you with stationery and all the materials required for the classes.

After completing 30 weeks course you will have to opportunity to join our 10 weeks numeracy course and become community activists with us, this will give you an opportunity to work in a real life environment, gain experience and build confidence. You will provide one to one support to new students and help in expanding the project to wider community.

For further reading please see our ESOL leaflets below:

Free ESOL Classes Poster


Classes and Registration forms:

 English  Bengali  Gujarati  Hindi  Urdu


For more information, please contact Manisha.




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